Design and Technology

“Creativity is nothing but the way to solve new problems.” -Diana Santos


At Bell Farm Primary School this is one of the many things we aim to teach children, offering a challenging and engaging Design and Technology curriculum, which we endeavour to incorporate within all curriculum areas. It is delivered by insightful and highly motivated teachers, who support all children so they can reach their full potential.
We incorporate our school values across our curriculum which assists children in learning to think more critically and negotiate creatively in Design and Technology; helping prepare them for the ever-changing future of technology. Design and Technology enables our pupils to become independent and creative problem solvers both as individuals and as members of a team. Our Design and Technology curriculum also gives children opportunities to use and develop their growth mind set when they plan, critique, modify and evaluate; helping them to understand the importance of this process not only in Design and Technology, but across their education.
At Bell Farm we continue to raise standards in the foundation curriculum; giving children a tool kit to become good problem solvers by allowing them to explore their ideas for planning, making and evaluating products and systems in depth. Within this we give them time to combine their conceptual understanding with their practical skills to build an awareness of need, functionality and aesthetics, alongside incorporating the use of our vast outdoor learning environment.
Above all, at Bell Farm, we aim to give children a holistic experience and equip them with the necessary tools to solve problems by finding practical solutions. We build children’s confidence and encourage pupils to take ownership of their work and to develop their thinking into creative ideas.