High Performance





At Bell Farm, we recognise and encourage the individual interests, talents and abilities of every child and aim to prepare these pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. As a School, we strive to provide high expectations for all pupils, including our high performing pupils, and as such, this group is provided with a range of learning and teaching opportunities to further increase and enrich their special skills and talents so that their full potential can be achieved.

  • We aim to provide an inclusive and integrated whole-school approach for our most able, with a focus on the unique strengths and talents of our young people.
  • We value our teachers’ strengths and encourage them to raise the profile of their subject area, inspiring other teachers and equipping them with the tools, skills and resources necessary to challenge our most able.
  • We recognise that aptitude and talents are not fixed and we encourage all students to fulfil their potential through high expectations, differentiated tasks, extensions, targeted questioning, adult support and enrichment.
  • We are committed to creating a culture where we celebrate effort, progress and achievement of our pupils, whether from the school or beyond.
  • We offer a broad and balances curriculum to stretch and challenge all of our students.


What does Bell Farm School do to drive our most able agenda?

  • High Performance policy which outlines the aims, vision and provision for our most able students.
  • An engaging and broad curriculum which offers stretch and challenge in the classroom.
  • Enrichment opportunities to strengthen wider knowledge and raise aspirations such as:
  • Specialist core subject leaders
  • Themed days (i.e. World Book Day, Maths Morning)
  • Creative arts week
  • Peer reading 
  • Maths clubs
  • Top of the Form
  • School drama productions
  • Sports tournaments & matches
  • District Sports
  • Charity activities
  • Musical performances
  • House Captains
  • Peer Mediators
  • Visiting speakers
  • Subject focused trips
  • Enrichment days


What do our High Performing children say about their learning?

“We always feel challenged and our lessons are fun.”

On feeling excited about Algebra… “It was something new to us. It looked really tricky at first and we were in the learning pit and made lots of mistakes but we able to learn from them.”