Download: Short Inspection OFSTED Letter – March 2019

Following our recent Ofsted inspection it gives me great pleasure to share with you the inspector’s report. As this was what Ofsted calls a ‘short’ inspection – lasting only one day – an increase in grade was not possible, so we continue to be graded ‘good’.

What that means is that Bell Farm continues to be a welcoming, safe and fun place for your children to learn and grow. What it doesn’t mean is that we haven’t made improvements since the last inspection, nearly four years ago. In fact, the inspector remarked on “a successful, sustained drive to improve the school” and I’m particularly proud that he recognised our “strongly inclusive culture” and that everyone feels “listened to and cared for”. That is a great strength that I’m looking forward to building on.

Our inspector was very impressed with how positively everyone spoke about Bell Farm – so thank you for sharing your views either online or in person. The children were of course their usual, hard-working and brilliant selves! Staff at Bell Farm work incredibly hard to do the very best for each and every one of them and this report attests to that.

We can still do better of course – and will continue to strive to do so – but please take a moment to read the attached report because I hope it’ll make you, like me, feel proud to be part of the Bell Farm family.

Best wishes,
Anne Cooper