Outdoor Learning

“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth



Outdoor Learning at Bell Farm aims to promote a love of the outdoors and to help children appreciate the role which they have in nature and the world around us, whilst advancing their personal and academic progress.

Our beautiful and extensive grounds provides capacity for a diverse range of activities, from maths to art; Outdoor Learning strives to make the most of this resource. It is an integral part of the curriculum, with sessions taking place in a wide variety of subjects. Outdoor Learning is an inclusive way of making learning accessible for all types of learners, regardless of their personal learning style. We nurture children’s social and communication skills as well as their academic progress, by providing them with opportunities to take part in activities involving teamwork and cooperation. Furthermore, children’s emotional wellbeing is enhanced with opportunities to engage with nature and the outdoors in a mindful way.

We have two dedicated Forest Schools areas on site, in addition to access to other local facilities. Each year, every child participates in a programme of Forest Schools sessions, with an in-house Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioner. During these sessions, children are offered a range of age-appropriate team-based and individual activities; they are also given opportunities to develop specific outdoor skills and to lead their own learning. We have an ongoing commitment to invest in training further Forest Schools practitioners.

At Bell Farm, we provide gardening opportunities as an embedded part of the curriculum, encouraging children to see the link between growing and eating healthy food and environmental impacts such as the consequences of food transport. Sessions are linked to the curriculum where possible and there is progression in skills between year groups. Inter-class competitions provide challenge and motivation.

An annual Outdoor Learning Day in the Summer term celebrates the different ways in which Bell Farm embraces Outdoor Learning and gives us a chance to demonstrate that Bell Farm is “Proud to Belong” to the world beyond the school gates.