SEND at Bell Farm School

The Bell Farm Vision

The Bell Farm Vision


We believe that to prepare all children for their future, they are entitled to the best standards in education and we endeavour to achieve academic excellence at Bell Farm.

Bell Farm Primary School is a mainstream, inclusive setting where all children are valued. We aim to meet individual needs and provide opportunities for all children to make good progress.

At Bell Farm Primary, all children, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) are supported and extended first and foremost by their class teacher. All teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs and Disability. Children are supported by a range of resources in class, including ICT, visual supports, targeted adult support and appropriate practical equipment. Staff have been trained to be able to cater for learners who may have difficulties with: Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction (including ASD), Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Sensory and/or Physical.

The SEND Code of Practice makes new and explicit requirements about the involvement of children and parents in setting ‘outcomes’ and making decisions about SEN provision. You can view the Bell Farm Offer, and SEND Policy here.